A company at the service of its customers

At DIS-CONNECT, we help companies redefine their mobile digital ecosystem strategy by advising them and implementing the solution best suited to their needs.

With many years of experience in Europe, we have the expertise to transform your current system with innovative solutions.

Aware of our customers’ challenges, we tailor our solutions to your needs, thanks to our Dis-Connect 360 / Dis-connect All In One ecosysteme.

DIS-CONNECT keeps abreast of market trends to offer you innovative solutions that are always at the cutting edge of technological progress.


Committed to a Green Future

At DIS-CONNECT, we attach great importance to our environmental practices. Our solutions enable us to reconcile business and the environment.

We manage our business in such a way as to preserve natural resources for both present and future generations.


United by Diversity

An inclusive work environment is created to ensure the smooth running of our diverse team.

We also advocate equal opportunity for all in a society where abilities, not disabilities, are valued. This is why we have joined forces with Lebenshilfe Bruchsal. This partnership has enabled us to work with brilliant people who have become assets to our team.


International team

With a team spread all over the world, we use our interculturality to bring in different perspectives, experiences and knowledge.

Our team
is here for you

Our shared passion for digital and innovation enables us to provide you with quality services. Our young, cross-cultural team is ready to meet your mobile transformation requirements.

On the news

24 August 2023
DIS-CONNECT, a European company experienced in mobile transformation, took part in SantExpo 2022 with its partner Dedalus. SantExpo is a major event in the healthcare sector, bringing together industry players and healthcare professionals every year to discuss the latest trends and ...
24 August 2023
The company has been certified Eco Service Partner by Samsung, a title that confirms its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. This certification testifies to the company's expertise in electronic waste management and its commitment to reducing environmental impact.As a ...
24 August 2023
DIS-CONNECT, a company specializing in mobile transformation, has jus announced the acquisition of Isomedia, a company specializing in the refurbishing of mobile devices such as phones and tablets. This acquisition represents an important step for DIS-CONNECT, which aims to strengthen its ...